GoCatchEm' is a RESful API written in Go. It returns information about all existing pokemons (name, types, stats). Front end developers (the React, Angular 4, Vue.js crowd) will find it particularly useful when prototyping ideas that involve making HTTP requests.

Or maybe you're writing an HTTP library in whatever language and you need a quick way to test your methods without having to go through the trouble of registering an account on twitter/dribbble/(insert service).

It's fully open source and you can check the development on github by clicking here.

List of all Endpoints


Please note that requests to the API must be prepended with the original URL

            // app.js
            // your code
            // ...

            let url = "http://api.gocatchem.tk"

                .then( response => response.json() )
                .then( data => console.log(data.pokemons) )